Dromite Facility

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Players find themselves working for a Lawful Neutral prison facility either as volunteer staff or inmates. Guard positions are not available. All outside residents are known as workers and are designated by the colored fabric they wear. This fabric is bound to the person upon entry to the facility. Volunteers are allowed to leave at days end, inmates are not. All outsiders do not remember the entrance or exit to the facility as they are unconscious for the transfer.

The facility is outside of any nations borders or control and offers its functions on a contract basis. Contracts can be made by a nation or governing body regarding a prisoner as the Wardens recognize all governing bodies who register with them, down to and including gangs. Inmate sentences can be for any number of reasons such as crime and debt but are not limited to these. There have been inmates who commit themselves as exile for political or safety reasons. Governing bodies can create a contract to refuse entry to specific entities at a steep price. All reasons for entry or denial, stay length, and assigned work are made known to the inmate in route to the facility.

Inmates are usually isolated from all but the Wardens during their stay. The facility for non-Wardens is above ground and appears to be made of stone. Weapons and magic are strictly forbidden to all outsiders. All items are provided by the facility and no personal artifacts are allowed. These rules apply to volunteers too with the exception of exclusion.

The Warden Hive is underground and there are hatched tunnels in every room or a corridor just big enough for a Warden to fit through. There is no tale of escape within the facility as the Wardens avoid most topics about the facility but are otherwise hospitable.

The Wardens are a Dromite Hive but prefer to be called Wardens. They are the only known Psionic creatures on the planet.



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